Photography workshops for individuals and organised groups

During a workshop you will get help with both the technical and aesthetic side of photography. What camera settings to choose for landscape photography, where to focus to get the best results, how to use the histogram and why you need to use it, how to use graduate filters. How to create engaging and strong compositions, what lens to use to achieve specific effects, how to find the right perspective, how to work with light in different conditions and with different subject matter. You will get exhaustive answers to these and many other questions.

5 hours on location, week days and weekends are possible.

  • £150 for a 1-1 session
  • £200 for a 2-1 session
  • £300 for 3 or more people, regardless of the group size

Gift vouchers available!

For information on regular group workshops open to everyone click here.

Photography tuition on South Downs in East Sussex


If you have any questions, want to discuss your requirements or book a session get in touch here.