One-day landscape photography workshops in Sussex and South East England in small groups.

Group workshops are held in a variety of locations across Sussex, on the coast, in the country (notably on the South Downs) and in urban environments, occasionally also in London.

During a workshop you will get help with both the technical and aesthetic side of photography. What camera settings to choose for landscape photography, where to focus to get the best results, how to use the histogram and why you need to use it, how to use graduated filters. How to create engaging and strong compositions, what lens to use to achieve specific effects, how to find the right perspective, how to work with light in different conditions and with different subject matter. You will get exhaustive answers to these and many other questions.

Landscape photography workshop Bosham in West Sussex

Group courses are NOT "lectures", you will always get individual attention. Whether you've just got your first DSLR or have been taking pictures for a while, and however modest or advanced your kit is, you're guaranteed to get just the advice you need and spend time in a friendly atmosphere with like-minded people. However, if you're just starting with photography and would like to learn how to use the camera in general, an individual photography training session might be actually more beneficial for you (read more about individual sessions).

Regarding your equipment, apart from the camera and lenses a tripod is indispensable, and a remote (cable or wireless) highly advisable.

Key facts:
  • groups of maximum 6 participants
  • 5 hours on location
  • I don't take my own pictures, so I can focus all my attention on you
  • my filter system is at your disposal during the session (available adapter diameters: 52, 67, 77 and 82mm, along with a set of additional step-up rings to cover most popular lens thread diameters)
  • cost: £60 per person
  • in case of foul weather the session will be rescheduled to another date convenient for everyone, or you'll be offered a place in another workshop or a refund


Rosebud Cottage Steyning
If you plan on coming to Sussex from further afield and need accommodation, consider this lovely self-catering cottage in Steyning, a beautiful historic little town nestled in the South Downs National Park a few miles west of Brighton. If you mention you're coming to join any of my workshops, whether group or individual, when making your booking you will receive a 10% discount (valid for stays between 2 and 4 nights).
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By bank transfer or Paypal. Gift certificates available.


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Currently available group workshops:

Date Location Availability
25 Nov 2018


Seascapes, architecture and "blue hour".
About 2 miles of walking on flat terrain.

Meeting place: in front of Brighton Bandstand, BN1 2PQ (map)


Cost: £60 per person


1 space

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2 Dec 2018

South Downs near Lewes, East Sussex.

Telephoto landscapes.
About 2 miles of walking on hills with some elevation to cover.

Meeting place: corner of Southdown Av and Brighton Rd, BN7 1EL (map)


Cost: £60 per person

Ashcombe Windmill

2 spaces

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16 Dec 2018

Lewes, East Sussex.

Architecture and "blue hour" photography.
About 2 miles of walking.

Meeting place: Cliffe Bridge, BN7 2RE (map)


Cost: £60 per person

Winter in Lewes

6 spaces

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12 Jan 2019

South Downs near Brighton, West Sussex

Wide angle and telephoto landscapes, woodlands.
2-3 miles of walking on hills with some elevation to cover.

Meeting place: Pyecombe Street, Pyecombe BN45 7EE (map)


Cost: £60 per person

Winter is Coming

5 spaces

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2 Feb 2019

Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Seaside, architecture and "blue hour" photography.
About 2 miles of walking.

Meeting place: entrance to Eastbourne Pier, BN21 3EL (map)


Cost: £60 per person

Evening in Eastbourne

6 spaces

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10 Feb 2019

Birling Gap, East Sussex

2-3 miles of walking with some elevation to cover.

Meeting place: Birling Gap car park, BN20 0AB (map)


Cost: £60 per person

Rough sea at Birling Gap on the Sussex coast

6 spaces

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23 Feb 2019

Canary Wharf, London

Architecture, cityscape and "blue hour" photography.
About 2 miles of walking.

Meeting place: west entrance to Canary Wharf tube station, E14 4JB (map)


Cost: £60 per person

Dusk at Canary Wharf

6 spaces

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