Camera Club Talk

Slawek gave a very interesting and varied talk to our camera club that was well received. His breadth of photographic skill is very impressive and we enjoyed the variety of images and techniques shown!

Club Presentation

We have now had two inspirational presentations from Slawek, both have opened our eyes to photo possibilities/opportunities that we would probably walk past. The demonstration of how time and position at the same location influences the image is something we all now appreciate

Presentation via Zoom in Perth Western Australia

Workshop Camera Club in Perth Western Australia was fortunate to have Slawek’s presentation via Zoom last night. I thoroughly enjoyed his detailed explanation of the settings he regularly uses, as well as his very interesting landscapes with no sky.

Chichester Camera Club

Slawek recently gave a talk via Zoom to the members, detailing how to pull out the best from images. The talk was full of excellent advice and techniques mainly from just Adobe Raw. There was something there for everyone and we’re looking forward to using those tips and practices to show our images the way …

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Talk for Keswick Photographic society

We had a very enjoyable presentation from Slawek last night. The talk focused on both the taking of landscapes to the post processing of the RAW images. Slawek’s relaxed style suited the subject and along with his images he supplied a lot of technical information as to equipment and technique choices.

“Case studies – ‘landscape photography from conception to post-processing”

TLC – timing, light and composition. Simple! Slawek gave us a wonderful presentation with emphasis on light and how it affects an image. A whole new approach on timing and composition was inspirational to say the least. A very well received evening by our members and therefore a big thank you once again! Cara Duffy …

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It is simple….but not so easy!

We enjoyed a very informative presentation from Slawek last night – he explains why Landscape Photography is essentially simple – but you have to understand the 3 basic concepts behind this – principally light. Light is everything and it was so helpful to have something we all think we understand dismantled and then re-assembled in …

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Landscape Photography is Simple

The talk Slawek delivered to Royston Club really brought such a good insight into how to go about photographic the landscape around you. It was really full of good practical advice demonstrated with wonderful pictures . I have enjoyed his talk very much as I am sure so did members of our Club and our …

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