What the clients say

1-2-2 Landscape Walk

I asked Slawek to share some of his landscaping skills with my friend and I as it’s a genre of photography I don’t often spend enough time doing. I’d met him a couple of times when he was giving presentations at my local PhotoClub and was impressed by his photos, knowledge and easy manner. We were taken to a lovely location and he spent time talking to us about a range of useful tips about light, filters and composition+++. Many Thanks Slawek, and look forward to spending more time with you soon.

Mike Hughes
16th June 2019

Landscape Talk to LOGS 15.5.19

Slawek came by invitation and expectation to our small group of elderly amateur enthusiasts . Two of whom had been on workshops with Slawek previously. We were treated to a really interesting and challenging afternoon, which was beautifully illustrated with excellent photos to make the point. Thank you Slawek, we really enjoyed it and now have to go into action and test out the theory for ourselves, trust we listened well!
Great knowledge, generously shared thank you.

Audrey Gray
19th May 2019

Photo session

Many thanks for the photo session of two bedroom flat. Photos are very professional – beautiful composition of lights and shadows. Thanks again.

Zaklina Wesolowska
17th May 2019


Thank you for a very enjoyable evening last Wednesday. Members have commented since what a small world it is ( your Swiss photos were from a Canton where the husband of one of our members was born!) and many of us were inspired to try those early mornings which so mark your work! We’ll see if that happens!

Kath Phillips
4th November 2018

South Downs 1:1

Splendid outing yesterday on the South Downs with Slawek. Beautiful scenery and lots of photo opportunities all close at hand. Slawek works hard to find interesting compositions and light, and encourages you to try different things – all done in a gentle way with lots of help. I made it hard for him as I was shooting in infrared which isn’t his normal genre but he picked up its quirks very quickly. I can certainly recommend him for 1:1 outings.

Clare Collins
22nd August 2018

1:1, Group workshop and Skype Photoshop tuition

I contacted Slawek after admiring his wonderful landscapes on his website, especially the telephoto landscapes. Since then I have done 1:1 close by Wilmington and group in Hastings as well as Skype photoshop sessions. He is a patient, excellent teacher with in-depth knowledge. I find 1:1 Skype is the ideal way to gain extra knowledge on photoshop. I can highly recommend his workshops.

John Lethbridge
19th August 2018

21st May

Thank you for a most interesting afternoon. You gave everyone plenty of time and tips on how to get the most out of the session so that our photography moved forward.

Veronica Ballard
21st May 2018


I’ve now been on 3 workshops with Slawek. He’s always prepared to share his knowledge to help photographers of all levels. He is very attentive and keen to ensure you leave satisfied. Very good value and I can highly recommend him.

Paul Gale
21st May 2018

South Downs Workshop

Thank you Slawek, for a great afternoon, for your patience, your attention and your persistence with challenging conditions.
I know that the little tips and tricks you gave us will enhance my landscape photography greatly. I’ve even ordered a ND filter :-).
thanks again

29th April 2018

Framed Prints

Thank you so much for all your help when I was choosing the prints.
My husband was really pleased with them and so was I. I feel lucky to have found your photos and great service.

18th April 2018

Eastbourne workshop

My afternoon workshop in Eastbourne with Slawek was a bit disappointing, but only because it was cold, and the sky was uninspiring. Slawek helped us all in turn, making sure that we had the right camera settings; he lent me a big stopper, the first time I had been able to try one, and helped us all to improve our compositions.

I will certainly book with Slawek again.


Marilyn Taylor
9th April 2018

Brighton workshop

Loved this first workshop with Slawek and looking forward to doing another. No matter what your skill level he was able to advise how to improve as photographer.

Elaine Maguire
2nd February 2018

Workshop Canary Wharf

Brilliant workshop. Learnt a lot, some great images and also good fun. Will definitely go again.

Catherine Rees
1st December 2017


I have now attended two of Slawek workshops, they have both been great value , he is a real professional who is ready to pass on his immense skill to others. He is able to quickly identify your skill level and make appropriate suggestions that will allow you to develop as a photographer. Ray Evans

Ray Evans
27th November 2017

Cuckmere Haven 28/10/17

We spent an enjoyable and informative afternoon with Slawek at Cuckmere Haven on Saturday. The weather was kind and the light was very good. Slawek showed us the best angles from which to take our images and made very helpful suggestions about composition and camera settings and calmly and efficiently ensured that we got the most from our time with him.

Marion Sweeney
1st November 2017

Photoshoot with Slawek

I was looking to do take photos in Sussex and when I was google searching photographers I came across Slawek. Had a great day with him taking photos of the Coastal Cottages & the Seven Sisters. Very professional and informative with a great eye! Thanks Slawek.

Ally Green
17th October 2017

Maidstone Camera Club

Slawek came to our club at short notice, what a fantastic evening. Very well structured talk with lots of information, some amazing images. A photographer who thinks out the box and gets results.

Chris Couch
13th October 2017

Good Evening with Slawek

Slawek gave us a great evening at Folkestone Camera Club. He showcased beautiful, well constructed images and emphasised how to get it right in camera. He gave all the information we needed to get started with filters in camera, the sales in them will now rocket! An excellent Camera Club presentation from a true professional.

Melanie Chalk
11th October 2017

Tutorial at Seaford

I had the most interesting and informative day with Slawek. It is the first time I had met him. He is very engaging with great personality. A session like today was a great way to understand and improve my photography. I am looking forward to the next session with him.

John Cleeve
16th September 2017

1:1 Sessions

I highly recommend having 1:1 sessions with Slawek. He was not only very knowledgeable but also extremely encouraging. The sessions were fast paced, tailored to my needs and very enjoyable. I can’t wait to go back for more – I know there’s so much more I can learn from him. Thanks Slawek!

Lynne Gavin
1st September 2017

South Downs, Berwick workshop

I attended my second workshop with Slawek. Previous Bosham, this time South Downs, Berwick; only 3 other people so he was able to devote a lot of time to each person, suggesting views which I had not seen, and open to suggestions as to thoughts on my views and images. Very approachable and friendly.

Anthony Beggs
25th May 2017

Petworth Workshop

Having attended the re-arranged workshop I can report that the wait was well worth it. Slawek is not only highly talented but is very patient and thorough in his teaching. I have gained considerable knowledge and a few (for me) good images. I will definitely join one of his workshops in the future.

David Godfrey
19th May 2017

Creative landscape lecture

Slawek gave a an excellent talk this week to Kingston Camera Club. He showed great images and shared many helpful ideas and tips to stimulate us to get out and photograph the landscape. As a bonus he brought along his lenses and filters. Note that he has completely updated his talk so if you haven’t heard him for a while it’s worth getting him back.

Clare Collins
14th March 2017

Dungeness Workshop

I attended this workshop as I have wanted to go there for years. I have been following Slawek on social media for years & wanted to learn some of his techniques. The workshop didn’t disappoint. After many years of taking photographs set on automatic Slawek was kind & patient showing me how to use the settings & so now I have the foundations, I hope that my photographs will improve in depth now. A fantastic area for a workshop. I met some lovely people on the workshop too. I hope to be able to attend more workshops in time. Thank you.

Carolyn Hobbs
17th February 2017


11th November 2016
Slawek travelled to Overton North Hampshire, he gave a talk on his work Landscape and Architectural Photography. WOW was that good, I’m sure we will have a return visit at some point, I would recommend his talk to any club, and he is also a very nice man. Thanks Slawek 10 out of 10.

David Isaacs
12th November 2016

Excellent one-on-one instruction

While visiting the Sussex area, I looked for photo workshops on the Internet, and Slawek’s looked most interesting. Unfortunately the time wasn’t right so I chose a 1-on-1 workshop. I’m maybe an intermediate photographer, it is still a hobby- My main interest was lighting and composition, and this time with Slawek greatly added to my understanding and enthusiasm. And my pictures are much better. We did landscapes. I hope to do buildings with Slawek’s on next trip. It was great.

Don Fuller
13th October 2016

Ditchling Workshop July 10th 2016

Slawek is the ideal choice for a workshop on the South Downs: he has many beautiful images of his own and has built up an understanding of the area over several years – he really knows how to bring unwieldy undulations and seemingly random trees into a cohesive whole. He was kind, patient and calm with an intelligent approach towards the technical aspects and a deep understanding of the aesthetics. We didn’t experience the best light but it didn’t particularly matter as the workshop was so enjoyable and informative, his teaching was clear and friendly and he was highly sensitive to our varying levels of experience. Most importantly, everyone received masses of individual attention. It was great. I’ve booked another.

Sue Holness
9th August 2016

Presentation at Horsham Photographic Society 8 June 2016

Thank you on behalf of Horsham Photographic Society for your fascinating and inspiring talk on Landscape and Architectural Photography.

In addition to some wonderful images, your explanation of technique and demonstration of filters made for an enjoyable and informative evening. Your passion and dedication to the genre is an inspiration!

Paul Connor LRPS

Paul Connor
19th June 2016

Talk to Maidenhead Camera Club

Slawek gave an excellent and informative talk “Creative Landscape Photoraphy” to Maidenhead Camera Club last week. He brought his equipment along, including lens and filters and demonstrated and really inspired the Club in the use of various filters on camera. All the way through he showed his excellent and atmospheric pictures. It is very obvious he is a passionate and talented (and patient) landscape photographer.

Jane Stanley
31st May 2016

Steyning and South Downs Workshops 7/8 May 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed both the workshops I attended and learned a lot more about my camera and it’s settings as well as how to improve my photography, especially composition. The scenery on the South Downs was beautiful and I shall be regularly revisiting the area during the different seasons. Slawek is very patient and ensures he gives each student one to one time.
I look forward to attending more workshops in the future.

Debbie Christie
19th May 2016

Telephoto landscapes workshop

Slawek originally postponed the workshop as the weather was not looking good. He made the right decision as the light on the day all six of us met up was just right.

We all had different levels of skill with our cameras and our approaches to composition and Slawek tailored his tuition accordingly. As a result I know we all got a lot out of the workshop.

This is an ideal workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to take great landscapes with their telephoto lens.

Colin Smith
26th April 2016

Canary Wharf Workshop 16 April 2016

I really enjoyed the workshop at Canary Wharf and got some very useful advice from Slawek regarding composition, exposure and use of filters. I gained an understanding of using the histogram. I really enjoyed the taking some long exposures of Canary Wharf. I would certainly consider undertaking another workshop. Enjoyable and informative.

Sarah Marston
18th April 2016

Birling Gap Workshop

Despite the weather, I found the workshop at Birling Gap very helpful. You gave me good advice on composing subjects an making the best of the poor light. I am looking forward to your next workshop at Falmer.

Niall Teskey
14th April 2016

Richmond Visit

Hi Slawek,
Thanks for your visit to Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society on 13 January 2016. The members were very impressed with the images that were presented on the evening considering that very little post processing was done to them. You provided some very useful tips and hopefully the members will now make use of them. Thank you.

Seamus Reid
2nd February 2016

Eastbourne Workshop 23/01/16

HI Slawek,
Thank you for some very helpful tips. The workshop had to be rescheduled due to poor winter weather and we were not too lucky with a dull misty day. However, the challenge of photography in non-optimal conditions was a great way to learn camera control and we all learned much from you. Despite the dull weather, I did manage to get several pleasing shots of Eastbourne pier. Many thanks & all the best.

Steve Oakes
1st February 2016

Seven Sisters Camera Club

Hi Slawek, a huge thank you from all of us at Seven Sisters Camera Club for a most beautiful presentation on the 4th of January, covering local landscapes and foreign travels.I love your approach to photography, where you place more importance on capturing the picture right at the time rather than rely heavily on post processing techniques. You have a very accute understanding of the light and its effect on contours and textures. And thank you also for sharing with us your experiences and tips… Merci merci merci! Marianne

Marianne Westgate
16th January 2016


I undertook a 1-2-1 bespoke training course with Slawek to help me improve my technique and learn some tips. Slawek was very helpful, patient and knowledgeable; the session was informal and open where I could ask questions and put theory into practice. I would highly recommend.

28th September 2015

Tandridge Photographic Society

Hi Slawek, I would really like to thank you on be behalf of all of us at the Tandridge Photographic Society for an captivating and inspiring evening on Thursday. And for sharing with us your tips and techniques in photography. We look forward to inviting you again and would highly recommend you.

Jean-Paul Burch
19th September 2015

Muswell Hill Photographic Society lecture

Hi Slawek,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of everyone at Muswell Hill Photographic Society for the very interesting lecture you gave use last week. It was intriguing to hear all about the techniques you use to take your beautiful landscape photographs. You certainly have given us lots of inspiration.
All the best,

Lucy White
14th September 2015

Southease on 1st Aug 2015

Enjoyed my day with Slawek and appreciated advice and examples using graduated filters and polorising fliters to optimise colors and dynamic range. I was able to trial Slawek’s accessories and study results after.

4th August 2015

Individual workshop 28th June 2015

Hi Slawek
I really enjoyed the landscape workshop on the 28th. The range of topics you covered was really useful and all very patiently explained. I learnt a lot and hope to join one of your group sessions before too long.Highly recommended.

Jane Weston
30th June 2015

Individual Landscape workshop 27 June 2015

Hi Slawek, thank you for the landscape workshop yesterday. Your individual time, patience and the knowledge I gained from you will certainly improve my photography skill level. Great locations even if the light wasn’t great. I look forward to coming to one of your group sessions in the future. Highly recommended.

28th June 2015

1-2-1 tuition

Hi Slawek,
Just a big thank you for my 1:2:1 tuition session yesterday. I learned more about my camera and how to take a properly exposed image in a few hours than in the past 5 years! You patiently covered a range of topics from how to set up my camera, composition, use of filters and long exposures. I’m now looking forward to getting my own tripod and Lee filters to get out and use my new skills etc. I will be joining one of the group sessions to practice learn further in the near future. I highly recommend your tuition to photographers!!

26th May 2015


Świetne, bajkowe zdjęcia. Najbardziej podobają mi się zdjęcia z naszej pięknej Gdyni.

20th February 2015

Club talk

Hi Slawek,
Many thanks for talking for 2 hours at our club, despite you feeling below par. We had a great turnout, despite being so Landscape focused. Personally I really was impressed how you search out good light areas in your shots, rather than dodge the relevant areas afterwards.

10th February 2015

1-2-1 tuition

I chose a 1:2:1 tuition session with Slawek and found it very interesting and helpful. He patiently covered a range of topics from how to set up my camera, composition, use of filters and long exposures. I’m now looking forward to joining one of the group sessions to practice my new skills and learn further.

Jon Sellors
7th February 2015

Birling Gap workshop 25/1/15

This was the second workshop I’ve enjoyed with Slawek and once again he seems to pull out all the stops to ensure everyone comes away with some great images and having learnt a lot about the craft. It doesn’t seem to matter what level you are at or whether you’ve been out with him before, there’s always new tips and techniques. The workshops are so enjoyable, Slawek’s enthusiasm is infectious and the individual attention you get is fantastic. His passion, expertise and good nature come together to create a great day, highly recommend a trip out with him.

Alison Willows
27th January 2015

Bosham Workshop 17 Jan 2015

Great workshop and despite not having the best light on the day, I have some nice images to keep. Great individual tuition from which I learned some excellent new techniques. I would recommend photographers of all abilities to join Slawek on one of his workshops. His passion for photography is inspirational.

Graham Collins
21st January 2015

Presentation at Bognor Regis Camera Club 13 January 2015

On behalf of Bognor Regis Camera Club, I would like to thank you for giving such an inspiring talk, for showing a selection of your excellent photographs, of which most were taken in Sussex, and for freely giving technical advice as to how you took the pictures on show. A very informative evening and thoroughly recommended to any camera club.

Paul Stevens
15th January 2015

Workshop South Downs 13 Dec 2014

This was a most enjoyable day. Slawek gave the whole group a lot of individual attention to enable them to secure good landscape photos in sometimes difficult conditions. I was particularly grateful for his ability to ensure I fully appreciated the facilities available on a modern digital camera. I look forward to joining him on other workshops.

Viv Nicholas
14th December 2014

Presentation at Hayling Island Camera club

Slawek came to us and gave a wonderful talk for the evening. Great work and very informative. Already looking to arrange another night. Members have since been on a workshop and commented on how good it was…

Philip Acland
9th December 2014

Presentation to Mid Sussex Camera Club

Slawek you’re a real star, your talk to our Camera club was very informative on how you to manage create such stunning landscapes most of which seem to have been taken on our door step. Great evening look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Keith Brooks
8th December 2014

Worthing Workshop

Still learning things about my camera, thanks to Slawek – which I intend to use! Great workshop and hope I get the chance to go on another. No rushing, plenty of sound advice and there’s no doubt my landscape photography will have improved.

Sue Watts
8th December 2014

Presentation to Reigate Photo Society

On behalf of Reigate PS thank you for presenting excellent quality landscape photos but also for giving us tips as to how they were taken.

Mike Weekes
23rd September 2014

Your presentation to Ashford Photographic Soc

Hi Slawek.
On behalf of Ashford I just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed your talk last Friday your images were outstanding and information on technique and locations was really helpful
thank for a great evening.
Philip L.Hinton ARPS.

Philip L. Hinton
14th September 2014

Presentation at Tonbridge Camera Club

Hi Slawek,
just wanted to say thank you for your talk at Tonbridge Camera Club, some stunning images and a great commentary, full of information delivered with passion.
Many Thanks

Robin Harmsworth
13th September 2014

recent order of two prints

I’m delighted with the prints, which arrived today, only three days after I ordered them. They are of excellent quality and absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

Alison Wormleighton
10th September 2014

Saltdean Workshop 26 July

An excellent workshop with Slawek. As a fellow Canon user he was able to help me set up my camera with a Custom Setting and also showed me how to use the back button focussing method. He devided his time between the whole group, helping and advising and showing us how to get the best out of the ND filters, explaining the importance of using the histogram to check exposure, and tailoring his advice depending on the knowledge of each member of the group. Sadly the weather didn’t really play ball with a rather bland sky and few interesting shadows, but nevertheless his knowledge shone through. Would certainly recommend Slawek’s workshops, and will be returning for another one sometime soon.

Judi Lion
29th July 2014

Photo workshops with Slawek

This was my second workshop with Slawek and have found both to be extremely useful. Slawek soon works out your level of skill and offers advice to improve your knowledge and technique. I will definitely return for further workshops. Thank you Slawek.

Sue MacCallum-Stewart
10th July 2014

Photo Workshops in Sussex

Joining several of Slawek’s workshops has been a terrific learning experience and has brought my understanding of landscape photography to a new level; including the value of filters in landscape photography. He is extremely knowledgeable both of photographic techniques and where to find great locations, and gives advice and support as appropriate. Highly recommended.

Ken Mines
9th July 2014


Parece fácil hacer fotos de paisajes, no? Pues he aprendido que todo requiere su técnica y aprender a mirar.
Un sitio espectacular, la clase entretenida, clara y muy útil. Merece la pena también para principiantes como yo. Qué más se puede pedir, que hable español? Pues también 😉

Marta Pena
3rd July 2014

Photography workshops with Slawek

Photo workshops with Slawek come highly recommended, they are fun, very informative and excellent value.

Stephen Kiley
25th June 2014


Dear Slawek,
Many thanks for the Berwick workshop on Saturday. Really good location and I found your leadership excellent. Lots of useful technical camera tips on the camera were really helpful plus the 1:1 on composition etc. Thank you.

Michael Williams
23rd June 2014

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