who am i

Freelance Photographer in Sussex

I’m a freelance photographer based in Brighton. My areas of expertise are landscape, travel and architecture.

Read more about the photographic services I offer. In addition, my existing photos are available for licensing.

My images have been published in numerous publications. Newspapers, magazines, brochures, books, travel guides and calendars. They’ve been used on hundreds of websites and in advertising.

I am currently represented by 4 picture libraries.

If you’re looking for a freelance photographer in the Brighton area or further afield, get in touch to discuss your needs.

photography workshops

I run landscape photography workshops and courses. Various locations in Sussex and the South East. For small groups and 1-1.

Also, I offer image editing and photography lessons via Skype. And photographic holidays.

Camera club speaker

Exhibited work

A selection of my work can be seen at Shoreham Art Gallery in West Sussex. We are a cooperative of local artists. You might find me there on some days.

Some of my Clients

Examples of published work

Freelance Photographer Sussex

Short biography

I was born and raised in Gdynia, northern Poland.  In 2007 I moved to Brighton. Back in Poland, I focused mostly on wild bird photography. Luckily, I was living on the edge of a forest in Gdynia. So I had relatively easy access to a lot of interesting birdlife.

But soon after settling in Brighton, the novelty of the countryside around opened my eyes to landscape, especially the South Downs. And landscape photography has been my main focus since.

early struggles

Admittedly, my first attempts at landscape in Sussex were frustrating. That’s because the traditional, wide angle, approach often doesn’t work here.

The South Downs lack defined peaks and are mildly undulated. Consequently, wide angles tends to push away what’s their most distinct features. Which are their curves. And during my early days in Sussex it was difficult to find inspiring local imagery online.

finding my style

But I did find my inspiration elsewhere. In the work of photographers operating in regions such as Tuscany, Moravia and southern Poland. Notably, one of the authors whose work nudged me in the right direction was a Polish photographer, Marcin Sacha.

Subsequently I discovered that longer focal lengths and more abstract frames showcased the South Downs better. I gradually developed and refined my personal telephoto style.

This resulted in some recognition, when 10 of my local photos were commended in Take-a-View LPOTY competition. In three consecutive editions 2009, 2010 and 2011:

camera clubs & photography workshops

Following the moderate publicity generated by the Take-a-View commendations, I got my first speaking engagements. Around the same time a few queries regarding possible workshops prompted me to organise the first such session.

Both my talks to camera clubs and the workshops forced me to systematise my knowledge. Now I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and inspiring others.

At the same time, frequent photographic trips broadened my scope. Beyond the long lens South Downs landscape style.

Today, I’m quite versatile within landscape photography. And I feel comfortable using telephoto lenses and wide angles. As well as everything in between. My subjects range from seascapes to mountains. And from cityscapes to woodlands. I enjoy taking long exposures and working during the so-called “blue hour“.

Freelance photography work

Around 2010 I also started to get my images published. I also got my first photography assignments. Shortly afterwards I joined my first picture library, Alamy. A few more libraries soon followed.

I’ve been working full time as a freelance photographer in Brighton and Sussex since 2016.

How I do what I do

Landscape Photographer's Methods

My initial interest in photography as such evolved from computer graphics. I started tinkering with graphics software in the early 2000s. As a result, I was proficient at Photoshop before I bought my first “proper” camera. But soon after photography became a passion in its own right. And it completely took over!

But my approach to image editing is rather conservative. Even though I have the know-how to turn photos into phantasmagorias. In practice, I hardly ever spend more than one minute when developing a single RAW  file.

Instead, I rely on the choice of light, perspective and timing. So as to do as much of the work as possible before I even press the button. And I hardly ever crop my images afterwards. Accordingly, nearly all of the pictures in the portfolio are single exposures. They are also original (uncropped) frames. The very few exceptions are stitched panoramas.

In order to help the camera see more “eye to eye” with me I often employ filters. Specifically polarisers and neutral density graduated filters. Ultimately, my reason for using any hardware or software is to bring the image possibly close to my perception of the scene.

Why I do what I do

Landscape Photographer's Mission

In my personal work I have but one goal. And that is to find and capture beauty in the world around me. Beauty is often transient and only happens for a few minutes. Or seconds, or a fraction of a second…

So my job is to be on the lookout for those moments. To be ready and to make the best of them. It is obviously a very subjective process. Since beauty is “in the eye of the beholder”. Besides, you could argue that everything on earth has already been seen. And it has probably been photographed as well. But not in every way…

That’s where we can make a difference. However small.

Although I don’t confine myself to natural landscapes, I enjoy being “out there” the most. Even if I don’t have the camera with me. My parents imbued me with love and respect for nature since childhood. And I find being in the field to be an almost meditative experience.